My First Benchmade

     I’ve been selling Benchmade knives for little over a year now. I am completely sold on the brand and in my mind they are the best quality production knife on the shelves today. The lifetime warranty is the best in the business. For guys like me that aren’t the best at sharpening knives they have a life sharp program where you send in your knife and they put the factory edge right back on. My only complaint about this service is it takes about 4-5 weeks to get your knife back.

     Sitting behind the counter looking at the Benchmade case it took me awhile to finally make my mind up on what knife was going to be in my pocket every day. There were a few things I needed to decide before making choice

Type of knife

o   Manual

o   Assisted

o   Full Auto

Type of Steel

o   154 CM

o   S30V

o   S90V

Type of Blade

o   Serrated

o   Non Serrated

Type of Class

o   Blue

o   Black

I wanted something manual because the axis lock is something I couldn’t live without. I wanted something that had either S30V or S90V. I like serration and the blue class just had some great looking knives. So finally I narrowed it down to three choices Mini Grip, Valet and the 940. After thinking about it for a while I deiced the 940 was coming home with me a slow Monday night in January. There were two different kinds of 940s the 940 with a aluminum handle and S30V steel or the king of the 940s the 943 with a Carbon Fiber handle and S90V steel. I was going to treat myself and walk away with the best knife in the case the 943. I’ve carried this knife with me every day for almost a year now and I love this thing. It’s got the functionality I want and had its own style that sets it self aside from all the other knives Benchmade makes.  Here are some pros and cons I have about my knife.



-       Reverse tonto blade

-       Skinny profile

-       Fits in the pocket well.

-       Extremely light

-       Smooth action

-       After almost a year my blade is nowhere near being dull

-       Open back makes it super easy to clean



-       S90V is nearly impossible to sharpen on your own

-       I’ve put some small chips in my blade

-       Dulled the factory tip pretty quick.