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Best hikes in durango

Among the many charming attractions Durango has to offer, sight seeing is by far the most rewarding! Durango is one of the best mountain towns in Colorado for it's unique geographic location on the banks of the Animas River and in the heart of the San Juan mountain range, there are many day hikes for any level of explorer. 

Located in Southwest Colorado, the San Juan Mountain Range offers six 14'ers and over 20 more prominent peaks in the area. With great variance in difficulty in hikes Durango and the surrounding areas offer a trail specific to all levels from novice to expert hikers. The San Juan Mountain Range offer remote and untouched beauty to this great area.

San juan national forest

Lemon and Vallecito Lake are only a short drive from Durango but offer convenient outdoor day hikes! Great for casual hikes followed by a picnic or other water activities at the lakes. They can be combined with a short hike to surrounding lakes for hidden fishing locations.

Lemon and Vallecito Lake